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Some points which help you to stick to your diet

If you are doing a healthy diet, some points will be followed, which help you stick with it—maintaining a diet, which helps you lose weight and provide more energy. By eating healthy also reduces the risk of diseases and also helps to improve your mood. By doing a healthy diet also allows you to bring…

Chocolate Easter Bunny

The Safer Easter Egg

In the past people used the dyed Easter eggs for days after Easter. The eggs were left at room temperature for long period, and the cracked eggs were still eaten. With the increased problem and /or awareness of the food borne illness issues, these practices are certainly not recommended. There is an increased problem with…


The Raw Truth About The Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet (or living foods diet) is a dietary regimen consisting of uncooked and unprocessed organic foods. Most of the foods consumed on this diet are fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Some followers of the diet also consume raw meat and dairy products, although most follow a vegan regimen. The exact definition of…


The World on Ice

Once upon a time in America, lasagna was considered ethnic, garlic was an exotic ingredient, and the only foreign foods in the freezer section were egg rolls. Now look at us – popping a frozen tray of Dal Makhani into the office microwave and calling it lunch. It’s certainly not news that Americans adore frozen…

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