Get Creative, Save Time, Cook With Your Crock Pot!

Get Creative, Save Time, Cook With Your Crock Pot!

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Wouldn’t you love some ME time?

Many moms these days are just too busy.  Many work full or part-time, and even those that stay at home have a variety of responsibilities that take up much of their time.  Cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring, errands, a spouse, and children all vie for precious time, leaving little, if any, for personal enrichment.

Utilizing the advantages of crock pot cooking, however, can give you some of that precious time back.

For those of you unfamiliar with crock pots, the time it can save you during the day is amazing.  You simply gather the ingredients together in the morning, do any chopping that’s needed, throw it in and set the time.  There is usually no need for more than half an hour of prep time, and 6-10 hours later you’ve got a hot, delicious meal waiting.

Think of the time this could save you during the day.  What could you do with all this extra time?

Perhaps you could learn to paint, or start reading again.  You could join a yoga class, visit with a friend, or volunteer.  Or, for the really ambitious, you could get caught up on your laundry or organize your bedroom closet!

Crock pots do more than offer a dinner solution- they can offer a life solution as well.  They can free up some of your time to focus on YOU, which many parents today are lacking.  While it’s important that your children be enriched on a daily basis, it’s just as important for you to be as well.   Using the wonderful benefits of a crock pot can help give you free time in order to do that.

Purchasing a crock pot recipe book can really help you add variety to your slow cooker meals.  There are literally thousands of different ways to cook meals in this appliance, and many are internationally flavored or heath conscious.  There’s no need to eat the same thing every night!  From Mexican to Chinese to Moroccan, there’s a crock pot meal out there for even the most picky eater.

About the Author
Char Gietz is a freelance writer and a crock pot fanatic. She loves cooking with her Rival crock pot and writing about creative ways to use slow cookers. Her numerous articles offer tips and valuable insight for any busy family.

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